American Education Group (AEG) is a Learning Center and Overseas Study Consultancy comprised of top educators from around the world. Over 20 years AEG has prepared and sent more than 2,500 students to the United States to study and has helped thousands more students achieve academic success in the areas of English, Test Preparation and Professional Communications. AEG students have attended the world’s most elite schools, ranging from Exeter and Andover to Princeton and MIT; they have received more than $100 million in Scholarships and Financial Aid, including the presitigious Davis and Morehead-Cain Scholarships. AEG is a learning community where students, parents and educators come together to make dreams come true.


AEG empowers students to be well-rounded lifelong learners and leaders in the global community. We believe that education has the ability to produce young adults who can change the world. Through innovative programs and individual attention, we inspire intellectual development, academic integrity and personal growth. Empowerment. Inspiration. Integrity. Our passion is education.


The AEG Team is a group of committed, motivated, experienced educators and professionals with a passion for seeing students succeed at every level – academically, professionally, and personally.


I have been an AEG client since 2010. They supported my first son with his academic preparation and application process and he was admitted to Phillips Exeter Academy. Later, I also used their college counseling service for my first son and they helped my second son get admitted to Exeter. I feel a strong friendship with AEG’s founders Ms. Hoan and Rich and know that with them my family is in good hands.

Chu Thi Thanh Ha

Chairwoman FPT