Dalton Sherwood

Name : Dalton Sherwood

Where are you from? Salt Lake City, Utah

What did you study? BA Linguistics, Spanish Minor-University of Utah

What is your teaching experience? I have been with AEG for more than six years after two years teaching in Spain. During my time with AEG I have played a major role in developing the AEG curriculum and Summer Program as well as building our SSAT tutoring program. I am passionate about test preparation and have worked hard over a number of years to become an expert on the best ways to help students achieve top scores.

Why are you in Vietnam? I planned to stay in Vietnam for two years. This beautiful country offered more than I expected, and six years later, I am still here.

What do you enjoy about teaching? The best thing about teaching is meeting such great students. I have been consistently impressed by the work ethic of youth in Vietnam, and have built long-lasting relationships with so many great young students here.

What are your interests that make you stand out? Like many of our AEG families and students, I love traveling around the world. I have been lucky to know much of the culture across Europe and Asia, especially Spain and Vietnam. I like the food most everywhere I go, and feel a particular affection for Vietnamese food and people.